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Word mahjong
Title: Word mahjong
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Description: Create words with the letters on the playing field.
Instructions: You can only use free tiles. Tiles are free if they are not covered and have at least 1 side. The longer the words the more extra points. Remove all tiles to advance to the next level.

Game Categories: Attention and focusing, Grade 6-8, Memory, Puzzles, Reading/Vocabulary
Specific Skills Addressed: , ,
Educator's Review: This game is played according to classic mahjog rules, but instead of finding matches players have to find letters that form a word. Letters are spread all over the board, and stacked on top of each other, instead of being laid out in a row as in most word games. This provides an extra challenge to players to be able to spot letters that go together, and advanced players will appreciate this feature.
Please Note: This game requires a good vocabulary, as well as the ability to think of words in that vocabulary (i.e. expressive language skills). Players with weaker expressive language skills will have a harder time with this game.

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