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The word pyramid
Title: The word pyramid
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Description: Can you build the word pyramid?
Instructions: Try to form words from the given letters. Valid words are inserted into a free row in the word pyramid. To advance to the next round, find the 9-letter word within the given time. Scoring: For every letter of a valid word that you create, you'll get 10 points and a time bonus of 1 second. If you can find all the words of the pyramid, you'll get a score bonus of 500 points.
Controls: a-z = select a letter; backspace = remove the last selected letter; delete = remove all the selected letters; enter = enter the word; space = shuffle the letters; up = reselect the last entered word;

Game Categories: Board Game, Executive Functioning, Grade 6-8, Memory, Puzzles, Reading/Vocabulary
Specific Skills Addressed: , , ,
Educator's Review: Players use 9 random letter tiles to create as many words as they can to fill in the word pyramid (i.e. one 3 letter word, one 4 letter word, etc up to 9). This requires the cognitive flexibility to look at the same group of letters and be able to come up with different words. The larger a vocabulary that a player has, the better they will be able to think of words that fit.
Please Note: This game requires a decent vocabulary, as well as the ability to think of words in that vocabulary (i.e. expressive language skills). Players with weaker expressive language skills will have a harder time, but this game can also be used to improve those skills if someone can provide hints and help during gameplay.

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