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The I Of It
Title: The I Of It
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Description: This is the story about the I of It! Life wasn’t the same after ‘t’ left, so ‘I’ decided to hit the road and search for it. You play the letter I in this unique platform puzzler. You can move but cannot jump, but you’ve got one very helpful skill: You are able to enlarge and shrink!
Instructions: Use arrows to shrink and enlarge the I.

Game Categories: Attention and focusing, Featured, Grade 6-8, Problem Solving, Puzzles
Specific Skills Addressed: , , ,
Educator's Review: This game is an interesting twist on platform gaming - players still have to jump over and slide under obstacles, but do so by growing and shrinking a capital letter "I". This game will challenge you to think about the movement of the letter, how it is affected by gravity, upside down gravity, and flying obstacles. Players have to find the solution to each level's unique challenge, building on techniques used in previous levels.
Please Note: This game is much more of a puzzle game than a platform game, and although levels are all fairly short some of the will require a lot of thought and experimentation in order to succeed. Players have to have a certain amount of patience in order to do well at this game.

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