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Stress quencher
Title: Stress quencher
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Description: Sam is always stressed at work, spending hours looking at stupid charts! The only thing keeping him from a nervous breakdown is looking at pretty pictures of cats and kittens.
Instructions: Match the arrows shown on screen to keep the stress down. Arrows move more slowly when he is not looking at charts. Press SHIFT to toggle between Sam's charts and the kitties. Make sure Sam's Boss does not catch him browsing kittens! Keep the Stress-O-Meter as low as possible!
Controls: arrow keys = control stress; shift = toggle charts/kitties; movement = arrow;

Game Categories: Attention and focusing, Executive Functioning, Grade 3-5
Specific Skills Addressed: , ,
Educator's Review: Players have to keep an eye on two distractions simultaneously, one of which is constantly changing which makes it hard to remember to keep an eye on the second one. Players have to tap the arrow keys to match the arrow keys flashing on Sam's screen. The flashing arrows slow down when Sam is looking at pictures of cats, but that also bring Sam's boss over to see what he is doing. Therefore players have to toggle between the two screens whenever the boss comes over or leaves, while matching the arrows keys that constantly flash on the screen. Practice makes this easier.
Please Note: Anxious players may find this challenge overwhelming at first, but repeated practice will make it easier to get into the rhythm.

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