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Title: Redgreen
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Description: Red Green is a multi tasking avoidance game. You control not one but two heroes and your task is to handle both of them simultaneously.
Instructions: Use WASD to move one hero. Use the Arrow keys to move the other. Red Eats Red. Green Eats Green.
Controls: movement = wasd; arrow keys;

Game Categories: Action, Arcade, Attention and focusing, Executive Functioning, Grade 3-5, Multiplayer
Specific Skills Addressed: , ,
Educator's Review: In this game players control two different colored balls trying to eat the same color dots floating around the screen while avoiding balls of a different color. The tricky part is doing controlling different colors at the same time! Players have to shift focus between the two parts of the screen because if you ignore one for too long the ball will collide with too many of the wrong colored dots and the game will be over. Alternatively, the game can be played as a 2 player game, although this won't provide a great challenge to either player.
Please Note: This game will be more difficult for players who have trouble shifting focus between two important things or are easily distracted, but continued practice may improve their ability to focus.

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