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Missile defense – prime
Title: Missile defense – prime
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Description: Click to shoot missiles at the incoming prime numbered meteors and any red meteors.
Instructions: Click meteor to make the missile shooting it.
Controls: fire = left_mouse; movement = mouse;

Game Categories: Action, Attention and focusing, CCSS.Math.Content.4.OA.B.4, Common Core Grade 4, Grade 3-5, Math
Specific Skills Addressed: , , ,
Educator's Review: This game does one thing and does it well - players have to determine whether the numbered asteroids falling towards their colonies are prime numbers or not. If so, players have to shoot the prime asteroids before they reach the bottom of the screen, but if not then players have to let the asteroids pass safely. Each round of play brings asteroids faster so players get better at recognizing prime numbers. This repeated practice of the same skill will help reinforce the skill for players.
Please Note: Because this game focuses on one skill, gameplay can become repetitive after a while. However, even just playing a few levels at a time will help players learn since they are not being distracted by unrelated tasks while they are playing.

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