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Make 24
Title: Make 24
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Description: Can you compose equations which give 24 by mixing arithmetic signs and brackets with playing cards? At each round of the game you will be given 4 randomly dealt cards, as well as the arithmetic signs of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, plus a pair of brackets. The cards carry numerical values same as their numbers, and A equals to 1, J equals to 11, Q equals to 12 and K equals to 13. Click and drag all of the cards to the blackboard underneath, then click to choose suitable arithmetic signs at the bottom left corner to compose a formula that gives 24. Each round you will be given 60 seconds to complete the formula, as indicated by the timer at the top right corner of the blackboard. Transform your hand into equations through arithmetic tricks!

Game Categories: Attention and focusing, Casino, CCSS.Math.Content.3.NBT.A.2, CCSS.Math.Content.4.NBT.B.4, CCSS.Math.Content.5.OA.A.1, Common Core Grade 3, Common Core Grade 4, Common Core Grade 5, Executive Functioning, Grade 3-5, Math
Specific Skills Addressed: , , , , , , , ,
Educator's Review: In Make 24 players have to use 4 randomly dealt cards, the four arithmetic operators, and parentheses to create equations that equal 24 (the picture cards are equal to 11, 12, & 13). Players have to think carefully, and creatively, to make the right combination of numbers and operations to equal the given answer, in this "backward" twist on solving math equations.
Please Note: In this game players have to race the clock, which increases the pressure for students who are not as fluent with arithmetic or aren't as comfortable creating their own equations that equal a given answer. There are also no hints available if a player gets stuck.

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