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Golden Zeros
Title: Golden Zeros
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Description: Strategy based game where you make chains of numbered balls to get a sum of zero.
Instructions: Click on a numbered ball to get it in the chain and keep linking balls together until the sum of the chain is zero to create a Blue Zero. 5 Regular Blue Zeros will make a Golden Zero. Create as many Golden Zeros as you can in the given time for a high score

Game Categories: CCSS.Math.Content.6.NS.C.5, Common Core Grade 6, Executive Functioning, Grade 6-8, Math, Memory, Puzzles, Visual-spatial skills
Specific Skills Addressed: , , , , ,
Educator's Review: Golden Zeros challenges players to make chains of numbered balls so that the total equals 0. Players must have an understanding of negative numbers and how they are combined with positive numbers. The repeated practice of combining positive and negative numbers in this game will strongly reinforce this skill in players.
Please Note: This game does not offer different levels, but rather continuous play, which does not provide regular breaks in play. Some players will become tired, or anxious with continuous play and may prefer playing Golden Zero Challenge, which is split into levels.

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