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Title: Duotasking
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Description: Control your robot and laser cannon simultaneously - DuoTasking is a multitasking-puzzle-platformer with unique and fun gameplay. You have not played a game like this before!
Instructions: Arrow keys / WASD to move and jump, Space/Ctrl to shoot

Game Categories: Action, Arcade, Attention and focusing, Executive Functioning, Grade 3-5, Grade 6-8, Memory, Multiplayer, Platform, Problem Solving, Puzzles, Social-Emotional, Visual-spatial skills
Specific Skills Addressed: , , , , , , , ,
Educator's Review: In this multitasking game, players have to alternate focus between two different tasks - controlling the movement of the snake, and controlling the game's main character. These tasks have to be coordinated so the snake can help the main character jump to safety. Each level, especially in the beginning of the game, is fairly short, so players can slowly build up their ability to play with a split focus. Alternatively, this game can be used to teach collaboration between players by playing it as a multiplayer game (i.e. have one player control the snake, and the other control the main character. There is no multi player mode specifically built into this game).
Please Note: This game will challenge players with the necessity to split attention between two different moving objects on the screen. Some players will have very little tolerance for playing that way, however this game can be used to slowly build up that tolerance. Players can also start out by playing with another person, and only once they have successfully passed each level can then go back and try playing on their own.

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