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Title: Depict1
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Description: Battle a sinister trickster to discover the truth! This ominous re-imagining of classic platforming games will have you questioning your sanity! Darkness! Light! Nothing is what it seems in Depict1!
Instructions: Figuring this one out on your own is half the fun! Try everything! Or don't!

Game Categories: Attention and focusing, Featured, Grade 3-5, Grade 6-8, Platform, Problem Solving, Puzzles
Specific Skills Addressed: ,
Educator's Review: Depict1 is a charming parody of platform games where everything you thought you knew about platform games can only slow you down. Yes, you have a "helpful" guide in every level who gives you instructions (in text form, like many in-game tutorials) - but is he really being helpful? From the beginning of the game, when you are told to "Click Nothing To Begin," the advice is often not what it seems. You quickly realize you are on your own and must figure out the controls for the game and how to deal with obstacles. At first it is as simple as doing the opposite of what you are told (which will delight many pre-teen players!) but soon you have to put on your thinking cap to survive each level. Luckily, levels are not long and there are unlimited lives so the worst that happens is you have to restart a level. This is a fun puzzle platformer that doesn't require players to have perfect timing or sharp reflexes in order to succeed - the balanced pace and level design makes this game accessible to almost any player.
Please Note: This game might frustrate some players because the game purposely tries to mislead players with incorrect instructions

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