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Conflict: Immunity
Title: Conflict: Immunity
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Description: Command and control your army of white blood cells to fight off viruses and bacteria! Blast them with antibodies and destroy them before they destroy the body! Learn how the immune system works while having fun!
Instructions: Mobilize your immune system to battle dangerous pathogens. Click on a cell type to activate it. Once activated, the cell can be controlled using the arrow or WASD keys. Activated B cells (plasma cells) only: Press Spacebar to shoot antibodies at pathogens. Killer T cells only: Press spacebar shoot perforin and cytotoxins at infected cells (only works once you are attached to them).
Controls: fire = space; jump = na; movement = arrow;

Game Categories: Action, Attention and focusing, Executive Functioning, Grade 6-8, Memory, Science, Strategy, Visual-spatial skills
Specific Skills Addressed: , , , , , , , , , ,
Educator's Review: Conflict: immunity teaches players how the immune system identifies and attacks pathogens in the body. The game starts off with a quick tutorial on what each member of your "army" can do to fight infection, and then moves on to a level where the player switches between the different types of cells to save the body from attack by pathogens. Interspersed between each level are a couple of multiple choice questions to review the information that is being learned in each level. It is fun to see the cells in action, but levels start to feel repetitive after the first few.
Please Note: Players must pay careful attention to the text in the tutorial, because that is the information that is being tested by the multiple choice questions between each level. The text is NOT repeated during gameplay, even though the actions you take are based on that information. Also, players must be quick in order to succeed, which may frustrate anxious players or those with slow visual processing speed or poor hand-eye coordination.

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