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Agent Higgs: Chapter 1
Title: Agent Higgs: Chapter 1
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Description: Scientists around the world are hunting for the elusive Higgs particle. Turns out, he doesn't want to be found! In this puzzle game you take the side of Higgs, keeping him hidden from view. Your tools are the known particles: starting with electrons and adding more from there. Sliding these particles around, you'll solve puzzles based on the rules of particle physics. And along the way, you may learn a thing or two!
Instructions: Click and swipe to move particles sailing across the screen. (You can't move Agent Higgs, or crates.) Try to cover up Higgs with another particle to keep him hidden.
Controls: e = switch particle;

Game Categories: 5-PS1-1, Attention and focusing, Executive Functioning, Featured, Grade 6-8, Memory, NGSS Grade 5, Problem Solving, Puzzles, Science, Visual-spatial skills
Specific Skills Addressed: , , , , , , , ,
Educator's Review: Help Agent Higgs hide from the prying eyes of physicists - he's not ready to be discovered! Slide particle tiles around the board to cover him up, complete a level when he is hidden from sight. However, each particle tile has its own rules about how it moves, based on the kind of particle that it is. Learn about the different particles in the Standard Model of Physics with this sliding puzzle game that also challenges your visual-spatial skills. Players have to figure out how to move the tiles so that at least one (players can control several different tiles on the board, and use them to change the movement of other tiles) lands on top of the square where Agent Higgs is hiding. This game provides challenges that will really make you think about how to achieve your goal. Agent Higgs: Chapter 1 deals with Electrons and Neutrinos, as well as antimatter. You might also like to play "Agent Higgs: Chapter 2", which focuses on Neutrinos, including all three types of Neutrinos and investigating their strange behaviors.
Please Note: While the first few levels are relatively easy, the difficulty ramps up fairly quickly and will challenge those not used to visual puzzles like this one. Also, players have to remember the different rules that apply to each particle, and may want to write them down as they play.

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